New Feature! Creature Idea - The Peasant
The Peasant


A new creature has entered the game. This peasant is a human as you all can see and will therefore live above ground. The farmers main priorities are farming the lands and occupying the houses. In the long run I will probably make it so that the farmer is similar to the imp, he will be able to fetch water from wells, farm the lands and store it in a barn or a similar storage building.

All the farmers will have pitchforks as weapons, so if the player decides to attack the surface (s)he will get some peasants attacking them him/her.

Well, as usual we take one thing at a time and this is the first time the human farmer enters the game, so atm he just stands there Tongue

What do you think?
Awesome! I definitely makes more sense to have Peasants tending the villages instead of running into Knights and Rouges. Obviously if you be come a nuisance then Knights would come to their aid.

Can we Burninate them?

You might already be planning this, this makes me think of a Castle/fortified town being generated on the surface (like the Maze is underground) where the knights and real human soldiers come from. Villages support the Castle/town with their peasant farmers.
Yeah, castles are planned.

Some screenshots updates on this one Wink

damn, they look better than our creatures, good job Big Grin

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