Game Strategy - Impossible Difficulty
Hello all,

I know most of you have been around a while and know how to play this game inside and out, but I thought I might share some of my findings for new players.

Ok, so, Impossible mode. I can survive in about 1 in 5 games. Everything has to line up just right. Here's what has to happen:

1. Don't build or dig ANYTHING at the start of the game. Your first goal is to use the reveal spell to find the closest portal to you. Now if you start out a map and there is unbreakable stone right near the DM, then it makes it easier because there will always be a portal on the other side of the unbreakable stone. Go into the production menu and max out the claiming area to 20 tiles.

2. Once you find the portal, you want to build a single tile path towards it. Stop about 5 tiles from breaking through to the portal and set your rally flag at the end of the path. wait a few seconds for the imps to claim where you dug out and slowly dig out 1 tile at a time towards the portal, each time moving your rally flag up. When you break through to the portal, you want your orcs to be there ready to take out the rogue that is about to start tunneling on his own. Claiming that portal asap is imperative to your continued survival. These 2 steps should be completed in under 2 minutes or it is probably game over for you. If you wait too long and a knight spawns, your orcs won't be able to survive.

3. Your next step is to dig out a small area between your DM and the portal you claimed. Go ahead and set claiming area to zero (you want the imps digging and building and nothing else). Start building your production chain up as minimalist as possible. Build the following in order:
- Well next to DM facing the DM
- 2 Tile Farm room (1 farming tile and 1 flag tile)
- Add 1 tile to the farm on the open side for a mill (make sure the 2 direction arrows from the mill are facing towards empty areas.
- 3 Tile Cookery (1 baking table, 1 brewing vat, 1 flag tile)
- 1 tile bedroom (1 piggeh bed)
- 4 tile metal room (build 2 smelters)
- 4 tile prison (getting this up asap is key to surviving mid-game)
- add a tile to the bedroom and add a rogue bed.

4. Over time you can expand these rooms as needed, but you want the prison up as fast as possible. Your next goal is to find the next closest portal to your DM. Use the same method as before. This time should be a little easier as you will have Piggehs and Rogues now.

5. Your goal is to dig slowly around the DM, reinforce walls, build blocks to cover holes. You want to dig down in all directions so you generate a cave in because your goal is finding trogasaurs (blue bug/lizard things). As soon as you come across water, build a 1 tile bridge so that you start generating fishmen.

6. Once you find trogasaurs, you want them dead and you want them sent to your prison. Make sure you feed them to the DM from the prison info menu. Now you will start generating Trogasaurs, which are the best offensive units in the game. They don't eat or sleep, they are fast, and they have good attack and defense. Build a training room because the Trogs WILL use it. Keep feeding those captured trogs to the DM and you can survive Impossible mode. Make sure you search for portals and when you find one, use the rally/claim method on them. Rogues are only really dangerous at the beginning of the game. Knights can be dangerous if you let them mass at the portals.

7. Whatever you do, DO NOT go to the surface until you have claimed ALL of the dungeon portals.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Use a rally flag wisely. Don't put it right on top of enemies. Put it some distance away in an open area and let your army mass up first. Then move the rally flag in close for a zerg kill!

If any of you more experienced players have anything to add here, feel free Smile
Impressive, now I know the AI flaws Wink

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