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Feedback/Modification I & S - Impossible Difficulty adjustments
Ok so I have lately been playing impossible difficulty exclusively trying to find different ways around the early game difficulty. There are a few things that will make this a skill game rather than relying purely on luck.

1. Need 1 more orc spawned at the beginning. If the 2nd portal rogue digs through to your DM fast enough, by that point a knight has spawned and you don't have enough creatures to deal with the knight.
2. Need to be able to shut off automatic wall reinforcement. The first thing the imps do is reinforce the walls around the DM, which is useless because those walls are going to get torn down anyways. It takes time away from the imps doing more important jobs.

I know that this difficulty is called 'impossible', but I would assume that the devs DO want players to actually try and solve this difficulty. Right now it its current form, it is pure luck whether or not you can get through the first 5 minutes of gameplay. You have to get lucky enough that the rogue from the 2nd closest portal don't tunnel into your DM area before you get Pigs up.

I have found a trick by using a mechanic exploit. I can use the 'imp gets stuck on the wrong side of building a block' issue to use this imp to go to the other side of the 2nd portal. By getting the enemies to chase this imp, it will sometimes cause the tunneling rogue to dig in an alternate direction (after killing the imp).

After the player gets the 2nd portal claimed, the game becomes trivial at this point. So all in all, the games needs to be slightly easier at the start and needs MORE difficulty added later on. I think that all the remaining portals should be all spawning enemies at the same time in like 2-minute intervals to make it more difficult. Mid-game, the enemies should be relentless, so that you need to be constantly setting up traps and moving around your forces.
I would agree with that. Though, I never found it TOO difficult. Yes, it it trivial after the first few portals. However, its only in the first steps of development. Heck, i keep getting swarmed, if I don't stop ALL of the portals, i'l wind up getting slammed with bad guys. Now, with that being said, I suggest the following:

1) a range for digging enemies, so they don't dig halfway across the map. I don't care if they did, but its odd to find a new cross-map tunnel.

2) Random items on the surface used as decoration in the dungeon, perhaps. Some other reason to go up top. Maybe we steal jewelry, jewels and such?
I have not focused that much on the enemy AI yet, it is still alpha and I feel like giving the AI to much attention from start could just mean that I would have to redo it later when new features gets introduced. That said... What you suggested Xaos is some easy to implement suggestions that I will add to my todo list.

I like the random items on the surface, this could perhaps be something we could make a topic of, what items would we like to find at the surface that could be used as a decoration in the dungeon. Then I would also like it if they added something to the creature/dungeon productivity Big Grin
So I have been working a lot on the AI yesterday and today, and I have added something that could help with debugging the difficulties. Some of you may not like getting to much information about what is going on behind the scenes while playing the game because it destroys the element of surprise. But as the game is still in alpha mode and I am supposed to get as much help from you the game testers as possible I decided to add this:


As you all can see I have now added a wave timer, it says how long time it is left until the next wave will emerge from a portal nearby and how many creatures will come. With this information I think that the player can give me much more useful information about where the flaws in the difficulty lies.

I have also tweaked the AI a little to avoid tunneldigging as you mentioned simrobert2001.

@Xaos: I have added more Orcs and Piggehs to start with. The wall reinforcements can now also be shut down. But I must say that I don't think the same tactics will work with the next upcoming version, they have been getting a little bit more aggressive and will not fall for simple tricks like hunt the imp Wink
Tunneldigging? Oh, right, when they start to dig from an unopened portal? Thanks.

That was ANNOYING. "Okay, i've got all my men lined up across the map, waiting for the next wave."

"Hi, we're at the dark mother. We dug our way in from that portal 6 tiles away that you didn't realize was there."
With the tunnel-digging I meant that they are not all over the map digging tunnels but that the tunnel digging only focuses on player owned territory. And if a tunnel already has been dug out they usually prefer to take that way, so that gives the player opportunity to build some traps Tongue

But do you think it is too hard? What difficulty were you using?

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