Dwelvers Journal 2015.09.18 - Mouse Infestation!
2015.09.18 - Mouse Infestation


Dwelvers alpha v0.9e is available for download at the Dwelvers Website and on Steam.

I am happy to see that I don't have to make more hotfixes for the 0.9e version (five should be enough Wink), there have of course been some bug reports, but nothing game breaking. So for the last two weeks I have been working on adding peasants to the surface, and I have also been filling the dungeon with mice, Evil Mice to be honest thanks to Burning Pet Tongue. But the dungeon can of course be cleansed from these creatures with traps or by walking on them. Another creature made by CobraMode is also on its way, a female spectre that will be controlling the dungeon ghosts, but more about that in the next news post when we have more material to show off Wink



This topic is about the human peasants on the surface.

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This topic is about the mouse and the mouse trap.

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