Feedback/Modification Room Mechanic & Idea - Bar Room fights & Flappy Farm
Heyas all,

first post, but played Dwelvers a while now and I love it.

I got some ideas, hope you like it:

Bar Room:

I work as a barkeeper in real life and where is beer, there is trouble not far away. How about that if your creatures got enough they may fight each other, resulting in the loosers have to sleep for a while. Later on maybe you can recruit a creature, maybe golem style , which acts as a bouncer who prevents this things happening.

Also to entertain your creatures maybe some game like whack an imp/rat/mole/human whatever?

Flappy Farm:

Breed flappies or something else for meat/leather and bones.

Thank you for time and input

Hi Belkar, welcome to Dwelvers forum Smile

Yeah I could work with that, at some points creatures could be turned against each other if enough already angry people are in the same bar, this could be a good start for the upcoming arena physics. About having a bouncer, this could be a way to put the impanzee to extra work in the bar room.

We could have some minigames like whack a rat, dartboards etc, but I would also like to see some shows for everybody to watch, not sure yet what that could be like, but suggestions are welcome.

I want to have a breeding station, but I don't think flappies would be the creature, there have been some discussions about a pig / spider creature to make bot leather and rope. This one is also up for debate.

Great suggestions Big Grin
Maybe an Imp Band live on stage, that bad musicians that your creatures get happy while they beat them up?

Also how about that your creatures dislike serving together with human creatures? Rogues should be ok, but knights and orcs in the same room.....I sense trouble inc Wink.

Also maybe until you get bouncers (impanzees or whatever) an imp could try the job together with the barkeeper best friend...a club with nails in it Wink (yeah I love Terry Pratchett)

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