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Solved & Confirmed 0.9f - Crash on Load (Fishman Texture)
Well, that was quick...

[Image: 23Hoj.jpg]

and then after hitting ok:

[Image: 23Hok.jpg]

The crash log:
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I tried to troubleshoot this briefly, and I though I had a workaround. I renamed the faulting PNG to .old then merged in the same file from the site downloaded installer which I last had up to 0.9b. The issue seemed to fix the issue with the Fishman file, but then it said the same for the corresponding Cyclotaur file. I did the same process for that file, and I saw the Fishman file cause the error the next time. Either way the game isn't loading. Going to try and remove and reinstall reinstalling didn't help nor was running it directly from the EXE. Going to try the web download next.

Final solution:

This issue only affects the game when ran in Low texture mode. I do this on my laptop since this one only uses the built-in Intel graphics and it really isn't up to much more than that. Running the game at Medium or High doesn't prompt theses errors or crashes.
Thank you for this Mello! I will check it out first thing tomorrow. I believe the issue should be easy enough to fix Smile Hopefully not that many run it on low texture mode.
You're welcome, so far it's working fine on Medium so we'll see. I'll probably play more this evening and test more of the new features for issues.
Dwelvers v0.9f2 released, please confirm if this has been solved Smile
Yes it has. Nice work!
Thank you Smile

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