New Feature! I & S - Endless flow mode
With Dwelvers Alpha v0.9f-3 I added a "Endless flow" option when creating a new game. This game play option enables the enemies to come in larger and larger groups for each wave that leaves the portals, much like in the 0.9f-2 version.

By disabling the "Endless flow" option (or not enabling it as it is disabled by default) the enemies will not grow stronger unless the player claims portals. This makes it easier for the player to build up his dungeon before facing the enemy forces.

It took a while, but I got overrun on an easy map after quite a few hours of play so this will hopefully make dungeon life easier.
The player will always loose in the long run as long as the player leaves the portals unclaimed in the dungeon, when playing endless flow I would say that the player only gets more time on his/her hands to take over (s)he get overrun.

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