Feature Upgrade Creature Mechanic - Upgraded squad system
With the enemies rushing through the portals I noticed that the current squad system was really bad. It was hard to create and send out squads over the dungeon in an efficient way.

First of, a new tab added to the creatures menu as seen in this screenshot:

The player gets the option to create 9 different squads. By clicking on the creatures in the bottom of the menu they will get removed as an available squad choice and added to the squad number that is specified above. To make the creatures available for squad choice again the player needs to find the squad the creature is in and click on it to remove it from that squad and make it available for other squads. Selecting creatures will now also show detailed information about them including equipments. This is so that the player can make good creature choices when configuring the squads.

This is how it looks in game when the squads has been configured:

As said above only 9 squads can be created that is one per key on the keyboard between '2' and '0'. The key '1' is reserved for the rally flag. So by either using the mouse and left click on the squad icons or use the keyboard the player gets a rally flag for that squad.

This also means that the rally flag has been removed from the mouse radial menu.

What do you think?
That seems like a good idea for squad management. I haven't had a lot of time to play recently so I haven't ran through a lot of the new features or bugs yet, but soon hopefully.
I think the biggest problem is that it hasn't been explained enough for the player and that it is pretty messy to use. I would love some feedback on this system once you checked it out Smile

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