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Solved & Confirmed 0.9f-3 - Surface Pathing
I haven't looked to see if this affects regular pathing, but when using the Rally Flag on the surface creatures prefer to path on the surface rather than use underground pathways which are safer. Right now this causes creatures to aggro enemies which are away from the Rally Point since they are surfacing in unclaimed areas to get across the map faster.
In this case you mean creatures that already are on the surface right? They should at least take the closest portal when they are underground to start with.

What if I make it so that they will only take the above ground path as long as they only walk on player owned territory?

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I think that would work. If there is a claimed path over the surface area then likely enemies have been cleared along the path.
Solved with the next version! They will now take the portal closest to the rally flag up from underground, they will also go back into the closest portal from the surface if the distance between them and the rallyflag is much greater than the distance between the rally flag and its closest portal.
This is solved I think. When I sent creatures that were on the surface to a point far away from their actual position still on the surface they decided to go to a new point via underworld passage - not by surface (which would be faster, but more dangerous, so that's good).
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Nice thanks Smile

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