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Modding UI Modding
I would like to request the possibility of UI modding.

I have some ideas of how I would like to see everything lined up on the screen. It would be cool if players could customize their display to how they want it.

Thank you for your time. Smile
Do you mean just the other menus or the creature and items menu as well?

What would you like to do with the UI more specifically?
Just the main UI screen (not the sub menus/tabs)

Mostly just moving things around. I like the minimalist view. I would make the buttons smaller and move most things to the bottom.

And, sort of related, It would be cool to be able to set your own 'favorites' toolbar. A place to put the commands that you use the most...with customizable hotkeys.
Speaking of a favorites bar since we're talkin GUI here, it would be great if a lot of the items in the GUI would retain you settings like the items pinned to the top, or settings in the menu and equipment (..ect) would be retained in an xml file so we wouldn't need to adjust those each game. If we could move GUI objects around, that xml file could retain those positions as well.
Well, if we are talking about the main stuff in the GUI then it wouldn't be that hard to do. Hmm, but the graphics would probably have to be changed by the user as well if he wants to change to much that is.

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