Fallout 4
This has become my new favorite game. Every time I play I find something new that changes the game in interesting ways.

Anyone else playing?
Nah, I decided to spend my gaming budget on Star Wars Battlefront. Can't wait till tomorrow to play.
It looks really cool, I would love to play it Big Grin If had time that is Wink
I look at it through the store window. Damn, I want the pip boy version SO badly...
Well I'll tell ya you're not missing anything with Battlefront. I spent an hour and a half playing this morning, got bored, and got a refund. Enemy AI is ridiculously predictable, FPS aspect is clunky and basic, and just...meh. The only thing I liked about it were the graphics, and how fast I got a refund. Hopefully Fallout 4 plays out better.
Yes! This is my vacation week and have been playing Fallout every day. Good game with lots of content. The building of settlements feels very similar to Rust.
Nice I may have to check it out

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