Team News 2015.11.22 - An update on the current development progress
It has been a rather quiet month, the reason for this is that I have taken a different development direction than the usual popping in new features and improvements of the game on demand. I have started to get a feeling that we really need to start summing things up and give the game a final version.

Therefore I have started working on a rather detailed to-do list with all the features that are left to add at a minimum before being able to call this game a full game. I have been searching the topics on the Dwelvers forum to see what has been requested and what is possible to add without having to modify the games development direction to much. I am not that naive that I think that I can foresee all the obstacles that may arise during the development, neither do I want to decide what specific feature, creatures or building should enter the game in half a year from now, but I should be able to say what it will be like in general and how long it should take to implement it.

I will have a prototype of the to-do list ready by the end of the month which I would love some suggestions on, what you do like and what you don't like. Before the end of the year we shall have an finished to-do list with a plan where Dwelvers is finished at the end of 2016. Then after Dwelvers is finished we will keep on adding DLCConfused to the game.

Right now (besides from working on the to-do list) I am working on optimizing the code in the game. I want to move as much code from the game into xml files as possible, this is already done with the creatures, the items, the particles and parts of other stuffs as well. Now I want to get as much of the buildings code (mousetraps, rock, metalworks room etc.) into XML files as possible as well. This is so that the game will be easier to mod and also make it easier for me as a coder to keep on adding more content to the game without making the game more complex.

I do have more things planned for December than working on the to-do list, the game will keep being developed as usual, it is just that I sat the date for the to-do list to be finished a bit into the future so that it isn't rushed. It is very important that we get it right and that we don't take water over our heads, therefore your opinions will be extremely valuable for us when planning the future of Dwelvers!

Let me know what you think here below, I would love to hear your opinions on this letter Smile
IMO, what makes games enjoyable for years are such factors as:
  • being free of any bugs and well optimized for any operating systems (in Dwelvers case various Windows versions, so also being well compatible with WinApi) as for different CPU systems. Whatever game is about and whatever it contans - bugs immediately destroys fun,
  • enabling players to play even the same scenario or any map in different ways using different methods, investing limited resources into different things that may or not help winning it (it mainly applying to building, research or skill trees, playing with other kind of units or constructions/hydraulics, mixing different creatures, skills and researches to create a deadly combination against opponents), especially in multiplayer mode,
  • being a rewarding - not punishing for making progress. Things should be possibly done in other than one or two ways as also these especially hard things to do must be well rewarding player and create something that stays good for relatively a long time.
  • having stabile and diversified multiplayer (Good player finding and grouping system, LAN, co-op modes, online multiplayer skirmishes, different settings for maps - especially number of players, being able to play scenarios (custom maps) with others - thanks to that DoTA evolved from Warcraft 3),
  • additionally to above - multiplayer skirmishes should be quite short so players could develop new, better tactics faster not being forced to play for a long time (but you know how it is with short plays - the syndrome of maybe let's play another round?),
  • being modding-friendly (many possibilities of changing/adding almost everything to the game with ease).
  • having some hidden secrets, as well storyline mode related as in-game variations (things that aren't described in game, but are quite a nice surprise, especially if it's about combining stuff that are hard to come up with during normal play - in DK 2 were Elite creatures or such made for fun things like mentor's comments being addressed to player in specific circumstances).

Well, at least giving seems to be endless possibilities of winning with opponents using different fighting and resource distribution strategies, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, "modability" are things that made HoMM, GTA, Warcraft, Fallout, MOBA games such longtime living games. Smile
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I think you're right about trying to wrap up the development, and while I would love to see this completed by the end of 2016 I'm not going to be disappointed if it takes a little bit longer. Having a to-do list I think will really help focus the development, and it'll give us an idea about the direction you're planning to take the final game. Can't wait to see your list.

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