Dwelvers Journal 2015.12.18 - A little break
Hi all,

It has been a little quiet since the last update, the reason is that I was working on my to-do list, and fixing with making the buildings as mod able as possible as I mentioned in my last update. But that is not the only reason, I have been developing Dwelvers for almost 3 years now and the plan is to get the game finished within a year from now. During these three years I have been able to live on the sales from Dwelvers and have therefore been able to work full time on the game. But as the game isn't a finished product and because it has taken some time to develop it up to this point the sales has gone down, and my economy has been a little on the edge to be honest.

I am telling you all this because I want you to know that I am taking a break from developing Dwelvers until the beginning of February, and that the reason is that I am working full time on another job to be able to get my economy back on track so that I can keep on developing and finishing the game before the end of the next year.

Many of you may take this as a set back and I suspect I will get some "I told you so" from those of you that have been against early access development from start, but know that I have been working on it full time for three years and I have no intention to stop working on it as we are so close to seeing it finished (relative to the time it took to develop it to this point).

I hope you all understand my situation.
I'm always telling people that money sucks and constrict great minds and projects! Lol.

Until than I'll try to keep this forum nice and clean. Hope that break bring you interesting thoughts and ideas too. Smile
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Yeah stoopid money...I completely understand where you're coming from, and I know you're not gonna just abandon Dwelvers so I'm just glad you let us know what's going on despite some possibly taking this as a bad sign. The way I look at it is that if you were in any way deceitful you wouldn't have been honest about why you're taking a break and your economic situation. While I'm a little disappointed I won't be seeing a new version soon (hopefully with a map editor to help build the campaigns and tutorials), I can wait till February to see what you've updated. Really I thought I was going to have free time here at the end of the year, but I've been getting a lot of projects come my way so I haven't had much time for anything outside of work which is really unusual this time of year.

So good luck workin for the man again, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and we'll see Dwelvers next year.

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