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Game How to read icon over Mills
I can not find an explanation of the in-game icons above game elements. I have been having a lot of problems with the Mills, but I have no idea what the little bar and arrows over each Mill means. Is these a wiki or manual that explains this stuff. There are similar icons over other game elements, like the bread table, which I am also having problems with. Bread production chain is complicated.
These are what I am referring to:

[Image: oEirWW0.jpg]
The bar show the efficiency of the item. Green means its good to go. Yellow means its running below what it should be. Same color code for the arrows.

In the first example, your mill is not getting enough antroots to run at full efficiency and therefore it is not putting out what it could be in flour.
In the 2nd, you have plenty of incoming materials and the brewery is running at maximum efficiency. unfortunately, you are not putting out as much beer as you could be. This could be due to storage being full or minion is not moving the item properly.
In the 3rd, your water and wood are moving in at max efficiency, but your flour is not. You are making full capacity of bread probably due to you having enough of everything when it started cooking the last batch.

I believe they are currently working on getting the next tutorial out which should explain everything better.
Thank you so much! That exactly answers my question.

That is a very well written explanation. You should re-post, it with my picture, in the Game Manual Thread.

Oh, and I take it that a down-arrow means the item is going into the production, and the up-arrow means that it is an end result of production.

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