My New Idea Room Mechanics - Furniture - Butcher Block
After reading thread, It reminded me of an idea I've had for a while I think would be food for both stream lining food production, while at the same time creating the illusion of it bring more complex.

Kitchen Furiture: Butcher Block
[Image: HQDs8bE.jpg]
A furiture item built in the kitchen in which various things are converted into meat. This furinature would slightly alter how meat currently works. For example, fish would no longer be cooked directly, but would be taken to the butcher block, converted into meat, and then cooked. This would allow food production to be simplified. Fish could produce 1 item of meat. While butchering a mole-donkey (whatever that large mole herd creature I've seen concept of is called) could produce 10 or 12. I also like the item of butchering prisoners as suggested in the thread above, this would all easy implementation of that since all one would need to do would be to assigh a meat quantity to every unit that could be cooked, verus making complicated, unique dishes for each.

[Image: buXThQA.jpg]
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