My New Idea Critter/Resource Mechanic - Fire Slug, a supplement for wood
I was reading over the forums about the current concern for wood being an overly needed resource and this strange idea hit me.

Creature idea - Fire Slug

Fire Slugs are a domesticatable, wild critter that can be found often in lava pits in which they live and feed on the nutiants held within the molten liquid. Monsters of the underground have grown to covet these strange creatures as a by product of their feeding is that their bodies retain a large amount of heat, which can be seen in the fattest parts of their forms. After feeding within lava, the Fire Slugs tail crackles and glows like red hot coals, which can then be used for the cooking of various foods, and the smelting of weapons and armor. Because of these properties, infant and adolescent Slugs, and because they hold minimal combat abilities. These creature s have happily accepted their roles as near cattle to their demonic masters.

Fire Slugs are found wild in lava pits, and will serve faithfully once claimed. After feeding, they slowly inch toward the nearest place they can be of use to serve as a fire source. However, after a set amount of uses, they must return to lava to feed and recharge. Their slow move speed means while they can dampen the need for other fuel sources, they typically do not entirely replace them.

- fire Slugs do not consume the same food as monsters, instead, feasting on the molten rock within lava pits.

-Fire Slugs are found, and can be bred, but it is a slow process.

- Fire Slugs are very slow moving. And have the potential to start fires (possibly, but this would involve an entirely new mechanic)

-Fire slugs, while having the ability to latch on and do serious harm to other creatures, are extremely timid and avoid combat even when near death save for one acception.

-Fire Slugs are Hermaphroditus, and will eventually produce eggs of atleast 3 worms. While pregnant, they become highly aggressive and remain so indefinatly after giving birth. This forces a player to segigate it, and then destroy it after it has bared young, or kill it to soon and loose it without it being replaced.

- Aggressive Fire Slugs attack friend and for alike. And can start fires (again, possibly, if a fire mechanic is added).

I think something like this would work.. Plus, I like the idea of monsters cooking stew in a red hot Slug butt. This would also make use of the lava pits in game, and would provide some benefits to considering terrian when building. Forcing players to consider a part of their environment in regard to their building of rooms, which I think is a good thing.
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i like it i can just imagine putting my awesome forge setup right beside lava nvm forget imagining im gonna go do it even without these awesome little slug.
before i go on a scale of 1-10 rate how easy this would be to terminate after its given birth to its kids
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Probably not to hard. The challenge I think would be more in attempting to -not- kill it until it has bore it's young. Since, if you did, you would loose it and thus, loose the resource it provides you. Once it has bore young, the you'll have replaced it, and even gained a few more. So, killing it isn't really a lose, since the mature one is pretty much useless to you now.

However, if you don't control the population, and let to many of them be born, you run the risk of to many going feral at once, which could also be bad. Also, this doesn't necessarily need to be a slug, just a creature of fire theme that could serve this role. I had an idea for smog goblins a while back, which could easily be put t the same use.

I also considered fire worms. But, I think -glow worms- could be a thing, so, I didn't want to paint them out of the picture by already having a worm unit in play.
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