New Feature! Room Idea - Guardroom
This new guard room works in such a way that those of your creatures that knows how to fight will go to it and guard so that no enemies passes by. The amount of creatures guarding it is decided by the size of the guardrooms perimeter. The idea is that the creatures will patrol the guardrooms perimiters and not walk around randomly in the center of the room.

While guarding the room they will also have a movement speed that is about 50% of regular walking.


Please, tell us what you think about this Smile
It's been fun using this to get my creatures leveled past 4 easily, but my only criticism is that this is assigned automatically. Once you get a lot of these placed (I had one on each portal), the creatures assigned to it may not be diverse enough so you end up potentially having a room guarded by only Rouges for instance.
Thank you, I will add a room info menu for the guard room to deal with this issue.

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