Solved & Confirmed 0.9g - Rally Flags Locked on Surface
Any and all rally flags are locked on the surface. The Rally flag, Creature flag, and Squad flag all are grayed out and are padlocked. They work find underground.
[Image: sx4BhZ8.jpg]

I've reinstalled and have tried multiple new saves, but the flags always show as locked. I can send trading missions through the portals. I can order a tree to be cut, and a creature will come up and chop it down. I do show areas around portals to be claimed. On my latest game, I have taken over all of the underground portals, but flags are still locked. Sad
I will look into it and fix it asap. Thank you for the report Smile
I did another re-install and started another fresh game. I can now access rally flags on the surface. Huh
Solved with the next version!
Rally Flags have been unlocked on the surface now. This one is fixed.
Thank you Smile

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