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Modding New modding abilities
So as I understand from the description of the new version:

"This new update will includes new modding abilities"

that we will have some new modding abilities.

Care to elaborate?

Haha ops, I forgot to add a description about it Blush
I will make a bigger topic about with the next release.

In general it is the in the media/xml/buildings folder where are the building xml files are.

Now many of the buildings (not all), are loaded through the xml files only and not being hard coded. Which means that for example if the player wants to make more bed types they can just edit the "BedRoom.xml" file in the "xml/buildings/BedRoom" folder to make more beds.

To get just a little bit into detail with this...
BedRoom.xml has an element "<childbuilding>"
Tells the game to load the BedroomImpBed into the game as a gameobject in the BedRoom.

If the player would like to make their own bed for Orcs with a clown appearance they could add:

Then copy the "BedroomOrcBed" folder and rename it to "BedroomOrcClownBed", and from there edit everything inside the new folder to fit the players wanted bed design.

This only works for some objects in the game that isn't to advanced atm, objects like the IronSmelter or FarmLand is a little bit to advanced to be modable atm. But if you would like the player to be able to build new Rock types you can edit the "Media/XML/Buildings/Buildings.xml" file and add...
...for example and copy the "Media/XML/Buildings/Rock" folder and rename it to "Obsidian" and then edit everything in it to fit the obsidian design.

But as I said, I will make a more detailed description for it with the next release Tongue

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