Dwelvers Journal 2016.03.16 - Dwelvers Alpha v0.10 released!
2016.03.16 - Dwelvers Alpha v0.10 released!

Dwelvers Alpha v0.10 is available for download at the Dwelvers Website and on Steam.

The focus this week has been the radial menu and restructuring of the UI. It's a big feature and not fully tested yet, so this week's update consists of a bunch of bugfixes.

The radial menu I'm working on is moddable and will be smarter. Now the menu items will be based upon which game object that is right clicked. This means that if the player right clicks on a mineral tile like coal, they will get the option to construct a mine there without selecting the "construct mine" tool first. An other example is that if the player right clicks on a construction, they will have the option to sell it, without first selecting the sell tool. When I release it I will give a full description on how it works and how you can mod it.

Tonight at 6 pm CET James and I will also have a livestream that you are more than welcome to participate in where we will talk about this release. We will make this a weekly event every Wednesday at this time, Check us out at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dwelvers/live

For those of you how haven't played Dwelvers in a while I recommend checking ou Nathan's Sandbox Dwelvers Let's Play here:

Bug fixes in this version
  • 0.9g-2 - Creature Flag Causes Cowardice - When creatures are rallied with the Creature Flag, they refuse to fight back.
  • 0.9g-2 - Can't Stop BBQ - When you stop production of barbecue on either Fish or Mice, they continue to cook anyways. Other productions in the Cookery do halt properly (Bread & Beer).
  • 0.9g-2 - Equipping Priorities - Despite having equipment available, creatures will train before they equip the gear they are supposed to have.
  • 0.9g-2 - Training Creatures Show Idle - Creatures that are training show an Idle status. Saw it on one of my many Orcs that were training without gear equipped that was available, and clicked around and saw a Rouge and Fishman who were also 'idly training'.
  • 0.9g-2 - Rally Flag Moved & Some Ignore - I've noticed when I move the Rally Flag around not all the creatures that were following it respond immediately to the new location.
  • 0.9f-3 - Surface Pathing - I haven't looked to see if this affects regular pathing, but when using the Rally Flag on the surface creatures prefer to path on the surface rather than use underground pathways which are safer. Right now this causes creatures to aggro enemies which are away from the Rally Point since they are surfacing in unclaimed areas to get across the map faster.
  • 0.9g-2 - Clickable messages steal focus - I noticed that when I bring up the crafting/trading/option window, that it appears right over the status messages. The messages themselves steal click focus making it hard or impossible to select options in the crafting window.
  • 0.9g-2 - Can't Possess Creatures - Possession spell isn't working.
  • 0.9f-3 - Fog of War on Water - Fog of War on water is behaving like Fog of War on walls. For the image below, this really should have opened up fully instead of only clearing where the bridge is.
  • 0.9g-2 - Can't Cancel Rally Flag (Room Info Window) - You can't cancel a Rally Flag while the Room Information Window is open.
  • 0.9g-2 - Creature Flag Ignored - Many of the creatures rallied with a creature flag ignore it completely. Only some respond to it.

To check out previous bugfixes you can go here...

Get involved!

Buy it or try out the demo on Steam:

Buy it from the Dwelvers website:

Download the demo:
[Image: download.png]

Lol, I thought it can be only version 1.0 next. xD
Good to see further big changes anyway, at last we can say goodbye to 0.9. Big Grin
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Aw... now I have to start my dungeon over. I was probably 10 hours away from a completed design Tongue (oh map builder, you can't get here soon enough). Well I guess it's back to bug testing again soon. This was a pleasant surprise! LOL yeah Sebt, I just caught that after lookin at it again. We just just went back in time! Go Go Flux Capacitor!
Haha, no more letters Tongue I wouldn't say back in time 0.10 comes after 0.9 if we are thinking that when I will be doing bugfixes I will call it 0.10.2 etc. Either way I think this looks way nicer Big Grin
LOL, yeah I was thinking like integers instead of a version numbering system.

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