Read before posting! Bugs/Issues & Crashes - Pls provide us Save File/PrtScr/Map Seed
[Image: 2vv29w9.jpg]
Smile Found in Dwelvers Alpha version Smile

※ Please do not mix bugs reports with feedbacks/ideas/suggestions, to post one of them please go to Suggestions & Feedback forum.
※ Every new bug reported should have its own, separated thread on this forum, please don't report them in this thread.

Remember that this a very early Alpha version, and therefore there are some issues and incomplete stuff in the game at the moment.

More reports needed  Huh
※ Issues that may be related to only one person, impossible to reproduce. There's need to confirm them by others to change reported here issues status.

Not solved yet Exclamation
※ Every unsolved bug/issue or crash that will be solved in next game version.

Will be solved in a future version Tongue
※ Every not game-breaking issues, that for some reason have to wait to be solved in further development stage.

Solved with the next version Wink
※ All bugs listed here will not appear in the next version... at least they shouldn't.

Solved, but need confirmation (from players) Sleepy
※ If you could reproduce any of these and confirm they're solved or not you'll help us developing this game faster!

Solved & Confirmed Cool
The fruit of players work on finding these and Devs on solving listed below. Thank you very much for help! Heart

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