Hello everyone
Hey guys, figured I'd stop by and say hello now that I've purchased the game and "beat" the game in it's current state. Uh, a little about me... 25 years old and I'm from the good ol' USA. Grew up on games, namely Populous and Dungeon Keeper, of which I could never attain total victory. Finally, years and years later, I've beat those games. Which led me on a hunt to find War For the Overworld (which leaves a strangely bad taste in the mouth) as well as now, Dwelvers. While I'm not sold on concept of a Z axis, it definitely made things a lot more interesting (and more frustrating.) So far I'm loving the game and can't wait for it to be finished up... patience is not a virtue I've been blessed with. I'll be around so, expect to see me lurking more often than not, but I'll try to chime in if I feel I can add to the conversation.
Hi and welcome to our dungeons Anima Solis. Smile

Any talk about anything that could be made different is welcomed. Especially if you want speak about newly added content into the game your feedback on it will be much appreciated. This way Dwelvers can be the game players want and the history of this game development shows that every change proposed by community can be implemented.

Thanks for supporting Dwelvers anyway, stay tuned for more news to come. Smile
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Yes, welcome, welcome. I hear what you're sayin about WftO; was kinda disappointed myself, but I honestly haven't given it another try since the first couple months after its original release date. It's kinda hard to compete with a title like DK tho. I'm not sure anything can be quite the same no matter how good it may be designed. For those who grew up playing those it was such a change to the standard RTS format, it's essentially became legend even though it had several flaws as well. I still break both of them out from time to time tho; so much fun.

So welcome again, and hope to see you around.
Thanks guys, like I said I really do enjoy Dwelvers. Puts a spin that I wasn't ready for onto the DK world. A little more to deal with on the economy level so it's more challenging in that regard, less so in the combat (again, early stages so I get it). I think you're right though Mello, the nostalgia factor and that it was so outside it's norm made it so unique. Even I still break 'em out from time to time.

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