Solved & Confirmed 0.10 - Only 3 portals, attack waves stopped
Mapseed: 7787
Difficulty: normal
Endless flow: disabled
Version: 0.10

Time left until next wave (7 / 12): 00:00 (no change, no new waves anymore)

Map with alot of lava, no entrance to portals(only to 3) at surface as well.
The bug that is causing this is probably related to the same thing I came across on one of my maps where Portals were under water even though the surface shows no water covering the portals.

[Image: 29D2p.png]

What looks to be happening is that either your map is only spawning 3 portals, or the other 8 are under lava. When I played that seed, I noticed that the enemy spawn count would cap first at 3/3, then 6/6, and 9/9. The only way to get additional troops to spawn was to capture the portal, then the count would increase till it capped at 6/6 and again at 9/9. When you captured all of the portals (I'm assuming) then there was no available portals to spawn enemies and the cap went from 9/9 waves to 7/12 and the timer stopped.
Thank you for the report and giving me the seed number, this will make it a lot easier to fix this issue. Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
New version released, this bug is solved but need confirmation!

New version released! This bug is solved but need confirmation. Remember that this has to do with the map generation so it will still be there when you load the game. But it will not be there if you create a new game with the same seed.
This wasn't confirmed, nor not confirmed to be solved for a long time, however I haven't noticed any bug like that, so I think it's solved.
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This particular seed has only 3 portals, that's why the waves stopped. I ended up getting the achievement for unlocking all portals on this one after clearing the third one. I also cleared the entire top layer to be sure that there was only the 3, so technically this isn't a bug unless you want to consider a map having only 3 portals an issue. Personally I don't mind some seeds having more portals than others if this is the case.
Me too, thanks to my - like Rasmus said - dynamite path I could zeroed wave timer by claiming all the portals on Hard lvl (man, even strong army of creatures can't stand against 28 Knights with 5-6th lvl alone). For me this issue is also fixed.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Thank you Smile

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