Dwelvers Journal 2016.04.15 - Post Kickstarter and the second look at the new UI
2016.04.15 - Post Kickstarter and the second look at the new UI

Dwelvers Alpha v0.10 is available for download at the Dwelvers Website and on Steam.

It has been two weeks since the Kickstarter ended, unfortunately it didn't go as well as I've hoped. But never the less, I'll keep on developing Dwelvers out of the reason that I love developing Dwelvers Big Grin

Here's the new development update of Dwelvers, I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to like the video to help me with spreading Dwelvers to the masses. If you have any questions or suggestions about this video then don't hesitate to tell me Smile

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Kickstarter failed, but what doesn't kill you, make you stronger, right? With new power and bigger bag of experience it must go only better. Big Grin

So I would like to discuss few things I would like to understand.

Grass texture - I wasn't great fan of it not because of what you said, but because we shouldn't be able to see grass otherwise digging any top tile should should result in making a hole, visible in the surface world. Big Grin

Very nice idea with building roads by drawing it with cursor, however I wonder why there's additional sell option for roads?
I mean what if just the general sell button could sell the exact type of room or construction when you start dragging mouse over it?
Example - you want to sell all the roads, but between them there's a well. You don't want to sell the well, but fortunately if you click sell button and you start dragging and move your mouse from the road tile and than over the well to sell road tiles behind the well - the well won't be sold, only road tiles. Also I think if someone would like to sell roads with well or any other object he can just hold shift key than drag and move the mouse over selected tiles to mark all of them to be sold (so like in video clicking sell button and than clicking on bed(s) will sell selected beds, but if player will do it holding shift, everything selected will be sold together, so beds with bedroom at once).
... I'm also on it to remove bottom menu bar, but still sell button I think will need to be placed somewhere - OR - you can just make sell button appear in every object radial menus, so when you click sell button cursor it will turn into selecting tool afterwards so you could start to selec object(s) to sell and other objects of the same type or all of selected objects when you hold shift key.

Next topic - selected creatures stop their movement. Well, what if they are in the battle - aren't they vulnerable to attacks when you freeze their movement?

Now we also have ability to control creatures like units in common RTS games - what purpose of rally flag will be than, will it be removed?
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It is very possible that I will let the sell button stay on the bottom menu, the same perhaps with the spell button, I'm not sure yet. But right now I'm focusing on having everything there, and when that is done I could start filtering out what shouldn't be there. It won't be any extra work Smile

Also the multi sell button only sells the type that it originally marked, so if a well gets in the way it won't be sold.

They would still attack, it is just the walking speed that gets slowed down, and I think the player will be aware of this, in the same way as he wouldn't mark a creature unless he wanted to get some information of it. Either way we could easiely make this freezing unavailable / less obvious for creatures in battle mode.

We have always been able to move creatures like that. The rally flag is still very important because the moving of creatures by clicking is very inefficient as they will not stay in the location they were assigned to.
I am sorry I missed the KS campaign. Maybe next time try a site that is not all-or-nothing (indiegogo?). Do you have a paypal donation page?

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