Game Pre-Order Question for team & Community?
Hello all, I grew up playing dungeon keeper 1 & 2, back in the day, I just got dk for my android phone (I know this isn't related to dungeon keeper, not the question I am attempting to make), I am a huge fan of build dungeon strategy games, or even strategy games in general, I have 2 questions before I pre-order.

1.) is this still being developed? I ask simply because the forums seems a bit dead and I wanted to make sure before I spend money on it, looks quite fun and brings back memories.

Note: My second question may be up for personal opinions...
2.) is this game worth buying? what do I mean by worth buying? I mean is it a fun story line for offline play, and people active online for pvp style play, ontop of that is this game well maintained when bugs are reported? I noticed the main dev does indeed personally thank people on the forums who report bugs/issues but do they get fixed in updates? I know not everything can be rushed to a fix, and wouldn't expect that just double checking these things before I buy, sorry if I seem to be nitpicking a little hah, and happy gaming all!Exclamation
Hi and welcome to the forum Smile

Sorry for the late reply Sad

The game is still being developed, but not in fast phase. Last year I developed Dwelvers at full time and then the forums were much more active, but unfortunately because of financial reasons I had to to a job on the side to get my economy back to order. During March month I was able to work full time on the game and made some updates during the Kickstarter campaign, but when the campaign ended I had to catch up with my other job.

So, atm I have pretty much on my hands and therefore I can't work on Dwelvers as much as before or being active on the forums. But hopefully this is just a phase, and within a couple of months perhaps I am able to re prioritize my time and be able to develop Dwelvers much more. Either way I am always working on Dwelvers even if it is not in such a fast phase, and my goal is of course to finish it at some point, unfortunately I can't say a specific time right now :S

I may not be the right person to say if the game is worth buying because I may be a little biased Tongue But I think the average playing time for people liking dungeon management games in general is about 6 - 10 hours at the moment, and each new update usually brings a couple of more hours of playtime.
Thank you for your honest reply, I am a huge dungeon management and strategy fan, when I first heard of this game I was extremely exited, I am 30 and grew up with dk 1 and 2, and have dk on my cell phone, I will surely buy the game as soon as I talk to my wife, and thanks for all you honnest replies,regarding this, as for fast paced development, I am not as interested in thst as I am the playable stage Smile as long as it's slowly moving, I am a very patient person haha, and I completely understand money is needed in this day and age, if you can't get the sufficient funds from the project you need to take up a job which will slow down development.
Thank you for understanding vampirictorch Smile I think I will get some time over this week to progress the development a bit and make another news post showing the development.

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