Brainstorm Mix - Thoughts about the game after all day play and a suggestion
So after finally...letting the game fix itself I guess, and getting to play the game I put 9 hours into it and frankly the game is excellent even in its unfinished state. At first I didn't know how I felt about the whole idea of production lines and digging up resources, but after having played the game I actually found it really fun. The act of strip mining an entire area while low on resources than filling it in to make a room was quite meditative in a way. I can actually foresee spending a great amount of time trying to maximize efficiency and minimize travel time between the storage rooms.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get knights, are they supposed to convert to your side in prison? I mean you have knight beds yet I never seemed to have any on my side.

Oh and is there a plan for a second rally that will rally ghosts specifically? I don't need them to be able to leave my territory to attack but being able to wield them enmasse would be great as a defensive force because as they are now you usually don't have more than 1-3 in any area and they just die (again) against invaders.
Hi Raith, welcome to the forums Big Grin I'm really happy to hear that you like the game Smile

Ah, Knights can't be produced anymore, they could be in earlier versions but not any longer unfortunately. This is something that should be mentioned in the game when feeding the Knights to the Dark Mother.

The ghosts will not have a rally flag, the idea is that they will fight for you, but they are not control able, the upside is that they don't eat, sleep or complain.

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