hey everyone!
hello everyone, I am Ed aka Vamp, I have come here a few weeks ago asking about the game and about ready to buy it pretty soon as I have the green light from my wife =))))), I am an old skool gamer, and love bug testing games, tweaking them, and have a nack for it, I am novice at the development side of things however like everyone I have my hobbies, I am huge into how things work, always have been, I made a few very small/1994 style first person shooters in the past using Game Byro Light speed, and Dark Basic, very basic programs I know lol... I love what I seen about this game so far, and it fascinates me, hopefully the developer makes a 3rd party server program with a option to make your own private server, like for example, battle.net games have and other games, where people can run their own private server after they own the game. but if that isn't a possibility now or if the game runs localhost, not sure how multiplayer feature works until I get the game, as nothing tells you better then first hand game play =), happy gaming and I am excited to finally get this game!
Howdy Vamp. Welcome to the group. I'm a big fan of games around that era which is when I really got into computer games. I used to build some pretty intricate maps for Duke Nukem with build.exe which I still have with the app, as well as maps and campaign for several RTS around then till around 2003. I'd love to see a screenshot or video of somethin you put together. Bug hunting here has become one of my many hobbies, and I tell ya one of my favorites is release day and spending hours messin around; although there have been times I've spent an entire weekend dedicated to it.

I think it would be a bit much to have a hosted service like battle.net (be it a smaller scale), but it would be cool to have the ability to host your own skirmishes, or even team up against a few players or AI. Game speed control could be a factor, but could possibly have a voting system to allow it to increase or decrease. One of my favorite features in games is when there is a well built map/campaign editor to really play around with level design especially for multiplayer scenarios.

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