Feedback/Modification Spell Mechanic - No Possession on the Surface?
Greetings! I bought Dwelvers alongside War for the Overworld and both turned out to be great games. Whilst War for the Overworld is a true "Dungeon Keeper 3", I liked how Dwelvers went off the beaten track to try something new and different.

The controls and combat during possession is pretty solid and fluid in Dwelvers so, naturally I was eager to get to the surface and go exploring with my favourite orc, only to find out that the possession spell is disabled on the surface! I must be honest in saying that this came as a nasty surprise and it is nothing less than a major let-down. I know the surface map is pretty new so, I assume that being unable to possess your creatures on the surface is just a temporary limitation, right? I hope we will see this added soon.

If I may ask, what is the issue leading to this being disabled? Maybe the community can help to solve it if we know what is causing issues with it. I would also recommend that the current limitation be made a bit more clearer to new customers, possession spell+surface map draws a lot of attention and it is also a strong selling point, for people to realize afterwards that they cannot use the possession spell on the surface will only lead to bad publicity for the game.

But in any case, the game is still shaping up well, keep up the good work!
Pretty much everything on the surface is locked excluding Rally Flags. I'm not sure if this is an issue with production lines between the surface and below, or if is merely because like some new features they have been placeholders until that part of the software can be written much like a proof of concept. It will happen at some point being able to build/possess/ect on the surface, just not sure when.

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