Feedback/Modification So my dungeon just got destroyed by those evil bats
So I would like to give some feedback from my 2nd game, in which my dungeons got actually destroyed because of the masterplan of those little bats (those critters that fly around in the dungeon).

Because in my first game I got overwhelmed by heroes, for my 2nd game I decided to defend my dungeon very well by using traps and digging a moat around my dungeon so the heroes could only enter my dungeon from one point (where all my traps are) and this proved quite effective. However after a while those nasty heroes began filling my moat with blocks so they could dig another entrance in the back of my dungeon. After few times re-digging my moat, because my economy was already strong I just decide to also just fortify the back-entrance with traps.

However those evil little bats had a masterplan to destroy my dungeon and it proved to be very effective. So everything goes well again for a while, however after some time I get the message my farms have slow production, they don't have enough water I suppose. I build a few new wells, I look at my inventory and I see I have enough water. However some time later, I get the same error message, also I get the message my cooking equipment has slow production. I see I still have a lot of water so I didn't understand what was going on while my minions started to become grumpy.

Then I found out what happened, but it was already too late. Those little evil bats activated my traps and just were idling on the pressure plates, making the moveable walls block every entrance and exit to my dungeon at both entrances at once. So slowly my dungeons was being suffocated to death; my creatures started to rebel against me, my imps outside were sleep-derived and starving. I quickly sold one of the moveable walls but it was already too late...

So please make those little critter bats not trigger pressure plates. It just doesn't make sense that those little flying things can trigger pressure plates on the ground. Also I think it would really really be disappointed if someone devises a complex deadly trap system, only to see it triggered by a lousy critter.

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