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Solved & Confirmed 0.11.2 BT - Resolution Mismatch
In order to take screen shots I've disabled full screen mode, and when in windowed moed I typically step it down from my 1600x1200 native desktop resolution to 1024x768. The problem is that the resolution is not actually 1024x768 in this mode, but 1040x806 instead.
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I'm pretty sure this issue is related to the way fullscreen doing flashbangs as reported here:

So if that issue is solved I hope this one is as well.
Version 0.11.5 BT released! This bug is solved but need confirmation!
Yes, and no.

I discovered this because I couldn't alt+prtscr in Full Screen mode so I switched to Windowed. I would try to paste it into my image editing software (Fireworks) after creating a new image which always bases it on the size of what's in the clipboard.

When I did the same in Windowed in this current version (0.11.5 BT), it now creates a canvas size based on the right resolution, but I can't paste anything.

Edit: I guess you just undid the modification that corrected the resolution issue in 0.11.6 BT since I see the resolution back to the original condition of the bug report, but I can now paste a screen capture again
Ok, so it works now?
I didn't do anything Tongue
Nah it went back to the original issue I posted.

Maybe something else you changed for the 0.11.5 update changed the Windowed Mode behavior?
Back to being unsolved!
Dwelvers Alpha 0.11.8 BT released with fixes related to the fullscreen bugs. I now use "fake" fullscreen where the window is borderless and gets resized over the whole monitor.

This bug is solved but need confirmation.
This unfortunately still is there. Maybe it and the offset you were talking about in the menu are related?

It's interesting that like I mentioned before about the change in resolutions from the selected 1024 x 768 that it widens the horizontal by 16 and the vertical by 38
Hmm, I guess this is only affecting windowed mode? When you take screenshots in a window, do you get the window borders included as well? Or is it a full screenshot of the game only in wrong resolution?

Now when you take screenshots in "fake fullscreen" you will get the desktop resolution, it is nothing I can do about that unfortunately Undecided
Yeah this is only a Windowed Mode thing, and alt+prtscr takes a screencap of the active window so it's including borders. Since you asked that it made me think then that the only reason I'm seeing the mismatch is because the game in the window is the right resolution, but when you're capturing the active window, then the increase in size must be the additional size of the window border.

So I guess if that's the case this is expected behavior, and I mistakenly reported it as a bug.
Thank you Smile

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