Feedback/Modification Room Mechanic - Replace room flags & need for storages with Room Storage / Reception
(29-03-2015, 02:21 PM)In the thread Rasmus once' Wrote: (...) I would actually like to have one building per item type that the player can build. (...) the player would build storage buildings out of strategical reasons only, where there is a farm room, they may build buildings that holds antroots, water and flour, but as each building takes one tile it has to be planned ahead. If there is no building they will have to transport the items to the DM room, which will take a longer time.

So I came up with this - let's replace blue flags & storing items on the floor with a room storage building - The Reception - a booth or round reception desk where workers are distributing and storing goods within this building:

[Image: juv4gj.jpg]

I. How does Reception would look like:
Each Room would have it's own Reception - a round desk that could be automatically placed on the first tile of newly created Room for free (more of them could be placed by player, but that would cost resources).
A Bar Room however could have it's own actual Bar Desk - in which you could see beers on shelves and food behind the desk and which could be operated by Imp or Impanzee.

II. How does Reception work:
Let's make a Cookery Room as example. Reception in Cookery Room serves as:
1. Point of resource take-in (workers operating Reception gathers Antroots and Flour from Farm Room Reception);
2. Storage (stores gathered resources that are delivered from Farm Room, as wells as from Storage Room in which Coal and Wood is stored as well as stores produced items in Cookery Room - like Bread, Beer Roasted animals, etc.);
3. Point of goods take-off (from this point Impanzees takes cooked meals and drinks made in Cookery Room from Cookery Reception to their Bar Room Reception - which is named as for example a Bar Room Desk).

III. No need for storing resources in Storage Rooms
Antroots are no more need to be stored in DM or Storage Room. Workers knows that they have to fill up Reception storage in Farm Room first till it's full and only then to other Storage Rooms / DM. Fishmen can now deliver fish directly to Cookery Room Reception.

IV. Production chain now and with Reception added instead:
It would stay the same, except that for Cookery Room - Flour and Antroots are not being sent from Farm Room to connected with it Storage Room and than from Storage Room to Cookery Room, but between Farm Room and Cookery Room Receptions - 2 Receptions instead of 3 blue Room Flags.

V. Smart storage system that would protect against stuffing up Reception with predominant resource(s):
To not stuff up Cookery Room Reception storage with i.e. Antroots - game made calculation for each Reception in the Room (because why not to have them more in Room in case for example of filling up one of them?) setting a ratio how much of what type of resource can be stored in this Reception regarding to other stored items - which is also calculated by how much what resource is need in what quantity to make i.e. 1 Bread.
If we say that 1 Bread requires only 1 of each resource to be made than Reception can take like:
100% = 9% Antroots, 9% Flour, 9% Rats, 9% Fish, 9% Coal, 9% Wood, 9% Water, 9% Breads, 9% Roasted Rats, 9% Roasted Fish, 9% Beers (because there is 10 items so 100%/11 which is ~9%).

UPDATE 17-11-2017:
VI. A Reception can be linked to more than one other Receptions as be linked in a form of string of links:
ATM we can link any room to only one Storage Room or DM, Receptions however could be connected to more than one other Reception building so for example if the first Storage Room Reception linked to Cookery Room Reception will be out of needed resource type than workers will automatically bring resources from a another storage linked with that room. The second option is to make a string of links - we can make a link to a first storage and that first storage link to a second storage - so resources from that second storage would be transported by operating there workers to the first storage automatically. If we link third storage to the second one than resources will go from third to second and than from second to the first storage to room reception, so 3 --> 2 --> 1 --> room, not only 1 <-- room --> 2 etc. In this situation room will be out of e.g. wood supply if the first storage will be out of that wood. It would really help especially with Trade Routes that ATM often need resources from different Storage Rooms I built.

VII. Receptions have their own prioritization system - in case of having more than one Room that needs the same resource type:
Imagine a situation where you have 5 different Rooms that stores wood:
1. Dark Mother or a Storage Room closest to other manufacturing rooms;
2. Storage Room located far away from Dungeon, placed close to wood excavation space;
3. Cookery Room with 4 baking Tables;
4. Metalworks Room with 2 Iron Smelters;
5. Metalworks Room with 3 Iron Smelters - why not have two Metalworks room if we can built whatever we want? That may happen.

The priority system for them would look like this:
- The first thing a worker that have just gathered the wood have to prioritize - is a distance between him/her and all Storage Rooms - which in our case the closet to him is number 2. Than this Storage Room could be linked directly to room number 3. 4. and 5... but than you may ask which one of these rooms will get that wood first and how much? Also what if excavations are made relatively close to dungeon or no additional Storage Room was made outside dungeon walls?
- Than the second thing that worker must prioritize (actually at the same time as about first) is room demand for wood (Reception building that have the least number of needed resource) - when a worker dug some wood game orders him to store that wood in the most demanding room for this resource (I think ATM game calculates minimal number of goods that have to be stored in certain number in that room. That's why we can see e.g. 6 wood units on the floor under blue room flag in Cookery Room with 6 Baking Tables, am I right??)
- If worker finds a Room that it must store a resource it gathered to it chooses the most demanding Reception Room in that Room. This way you can make them placed in different places in the Cookery Room, so Piggehs working on the other side of that Room don't need to walk to the other side of the room which safes a lot of time because they're relatively slow.

The only bad thing as I see of this idea that there is need to make an individual Reception building for each Room as well as player has to know what building in the Room is that Reception Room - unless it will be clearly displayed. In case of having some sort of building diversity it can only be done for good and maybe we will finally have Weapon Racks. Tongue
What do you think guys?
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Yeah that would make some of my storage chain headaches go away when I have multiple storage rooms. Reception could have a specific number it has to have filled, and since there are rooms that share a resource type, being able to set a priority level to each would be nice.
Yeah, setting also a priority level for like 5 resources in the Rooms shouldn't be a problem to make I think, I wonder what Rasmus would say about that.

As I like the blue flag idea I don't like how they look like (they're kind of distracting and covers what lies on the floor below them), resources that are lying on the floor that doesn't count to overall resource pool showed on main resource bar and that all resources has to be transported to Storage Rooms before they reach for example Cookery or Metalworks Room.

Also Mello, the Reception name for such room is what it came up to me head as first to describe the idea, but maybe you would give a better name for that kind of thing?
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Well I would say like your idea with the Bar Room where the 'reception' would be a literal Bar, the same would apply to each room. So maybe in the Metalworks we would have a Tool Shed, the Cookery would have a Pantry, and so on and so forth.
Great suggestions as always. Smile
I also made an update for this thread, added point VI and VII. It's about prioritization too.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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