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Solved & Confirmed 0.11.2 BT - Error: 3D Polygons num vertices out of bounds
This error occurred when I clicked in radial menu on chain connection of the 1x4 Trade Room located near portal not very far from my dungeon. When this error occurs it sends this message and freezes game:


3D Polygons num vertices out of bounds

Stack trace:
10 0
9 0
8 0
7 0
6 0
5 0
4 0
3 BaseThreadInitThunk 1956067536
2 RtlUnicodeStringToInteger 2002672576
1 RtlUnicodeStringToInteger 2002672576
0 RtlUnicodeStringToInteger 2002672576

[Image: 2dqmykm.jpg]

All roads are connected to reach other. Spamming Esc button about 10 times or on my keyboard clicking "Continue" having marked enabled me to play the game again.

It may be difficult to reproduce this error so I attached the save file:
Just pick chain button from radial menu in closest trading room.

Attached Files
.zip   Test 112BT (Size: 2,94 MB / Downloads: 1)
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Gamebreaking bug, but was very easy to fix. If the arc that linked rooms together was to long it got too detailed. I've set an limit on how many vertices was allowed to render in this way. And it got out of bounds.

Solved with the next version!
Version 0.11.5 BT released! This bug is solved but need confirmation!
This is fixed. I built Storage Rooms in diagonally opposing corners of the map, and while I couldn't connect those 2 (I guess there's a distance limit, and there is no reason to ever link that far apart) neither had an issue connecting back to the DM.
Thank you Smile

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