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Dwelvers Journal 2017.11.23 - Dwelvers bug testing version 0.11.5 is now released
That's wonderful to hear Big Grin

Mostly easy to solve bugs left. Hopefully I will get them fixed by tomorrow!

Remember to check so that there are no problems with the full-screen now, really stresstest it Wink I'm going to make some more changes there as well. Like that the refresh-rate for different resolutions isn't necessary anymore because it uses the same as in windows, so that one will get removed from the launcher.

I will also let windows draw the cursor from now on, I've wanted this all along but couldn't because in "real" fullscreen mode the windows cursor gets hidden and therefore I've been forced to let the game draw it.
The real upside with letting windows draw the cursor is that its response time gets instant, right now it is lagging behind a frame or two, this is barley noticeable unless you compare it with the response time that the windows cursor has, then you will see a big difference.
Boy has it been an exciting week! I think this is some of the fastest work you've done. I hope you're getting some sleep Tongue
Sleep is a good thing and the birds. Yes, looking at birds calms the soul. Sleepy

EDIT: And I marked some old threads as S&C that were confirmed as solved 2-3 versions ago, I hope you don't mind Rasmus, I left a thanksgiving posts so you could check which are of them were put later into the Archive forum.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Thank you Sebt Big Grin I must have missed them Undecided

I noticed a critical error in the last version with the new fullscreen mode. The issue was that when the player rotated the camera with the mouse the camera just started rotating uncontrollable. So now I've released 0.11.9 BT.
Ah ha. Didn't get that one myself. Glad you spotted it. I see you updated the forum to. Look at all the rounded corners Tongue
Hehe, yeah. Lets just hope that the rounded corners is all that have changed Tongue
Version 0.11.10 has now been released with many many bug fixed Big Grin
I was just playing vers 10 just a min ago getting somewhat thrashed but surviving, anyways the game just stopped with no warning, i got a screenshot so i will post the link beneath this.
Btw i am still getting the closing dwelvers thread on screen.

[Image: 25kufyb.jpg]

if there's anything else please let me know.

[Image: 2ex0y8k.jpg]

This popped up after i closed the window and the error log it seems popped up, i hope it helps.
If you run the game again you will perhaps get another warning showing that the game was closed unexpectedly with another error message.
I suspect this error has something to do with you opening the prison room...
Dwelvers Alpha v0.11.11 BT released with some quick bugfixes and that the achievements now should be working on Steam, so try to run the game while logged into Steam and check so that you get all the achievements.
ok Rasmus on that error you told me to re-run the game with the error,

That error i posted under the screenshot. heres the other information that comes with me running the game after that crash, As i just ran it and copied all the text.

I have the 11.11 patch you sent out, But im yet to install it, Thanks again for your awsume quick work.


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I've posted your error message here:
The problem is that this error is shown incorrectly by the game, it is not showing the real error Undecided But the positive thing is that the game is handling the error.

I'm releasing the new version now (v0.11.12 BT) that will show the real error. So if a new error comes up, please post it in the thread I created so that I can fix it asap Smile
Version 0.11.12 BT is now released Big Grin
Thank you as always Smile
Version 0.11.13 BT is now released!

I'm planning on releasing the game on steam as a stable version in about 6 hours. So if it's possible can you all just run the game to see if it works, just so that no dll is missing.
The reason I'm asking for this is that I've just implemented analytics into the game, so that I can automated reports if a crash happens etc, and also that I can see the game time played. I'm planning on expanding on this later but right now I just got it set up.

So this new analytics required me to include some new libraries and dll files, and from previous experience it's always risky. Maybe I have the dll files installed somewhere on my computer already and can therefore not see that they are missing in the installation Undecided

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