Dwelvers Journal 2017.11.23 - Dwelvers bug testing version 0.11.5 is now released
Hey Rasmus, I am trying to download the newest 11.13 build right now it might be stopping at 99% but im trying a second time.

Anyways i wanted to share a complete game but i have a lot of mobs and am able to beat back waves after waves im well on like 15/15 wave and more.

but i have attacked the overworld however i would like you to over look and see what i might have missed or what the game has missed to stop attacking me

Anyways ill upload it and see what you think Smile.
Wave 15/15 means that the waves will not get any harder. But they will keep on coming.
To get the waves to stop you need to claim all the enemy portals in the dungeon by building a road next into them.
Version 0.11.16 is now released with a lot of bug fixes that needs confirmation Smile
Thanks Rasmus

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