More reports needed 0.11.5 BT - Knights Aren't Spawning With The Rogues
I found what may cause this. If you try to claim the portal a small wave of enemies that doesn't reflect the size of army showed by evil meter counter will emerge from the portal and attack you - but only once. It happened to me that an army of few Knights and Rogues should attack me, but only Rogues spawned, timer however still was showing to me that there is 1 minute to next wave.

It seems we have two types of enemies spawning from portals - one appears when timer reach zero, one spawns when player is trying to claim the portal.
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Sebt, The way i have seen it when you attack a portal it relies on the wave number that will effect the number of enemy's that are spawned after you have attacked a portal.

The way i do this is set the flag near the portal your going to attack, Then after a good number of your guys have gathered get the imps to take over the portal via the road system. Once that is done you have a big battle in a small area and you take the flag away once the battle is over and all is well....
Well, this is how I claim every portal, put rally flag first near the portal, build roads to portal which activates "portal guardians" to spawn, fight with "portal guardians" than rebuild roads if needed and than wait for worker to claim the portal.

I discovered that number of enemies coming from portal when you try to claim it is not equal to the next wave counter, but to number of enemies that spawned 1-2 stages before or something like that. When I tried to claim 1st and 2nd portal only Rogues appeared, however counter timer says some Knight and Rogues should appear. Later in game for example I had counter saying 11 Rogues and 7 Knights, but only 7 Rogues and 4 or 5 Knights spawned - maybe that's done intentionally by Rasmus that "portal guardians" is less numerous than "portal waves".

So I would like to ask Mello: weren't Knights spawning for you only in the earliest part of the game or later too? Because I can confirm that Knights aren't spawning only if you try to claim 1st, maybe 2nd portal, even if counter says Knights should spawn too. Also number of creatures that are coming as waves showed on counter equals number of creatures spawned from portals.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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