Feedback/Modification Resource Mechanic - Wood, It's Just Used For Everything
In scenarios where I focus on the top layer of the map and don't dig down much, wood becomes a scarce resource because it used for so many things: crafting, smelting, bbq'n, cooking, and building. It's been brought up before, and with the upcoming Steam release I thought maybe it may be time to add a new Farm crop where we could generate wood perpetually kind of like those pesky roots (although I liked the challenge of keeping my paths cleared) from back in the 2D map days or something else.

It may also be easier to just remove wood as a fuel source and switch to coal for at least the Metalworks operations, and maybe even for bbq'n.
I agree - I mean we run the dungeon, so dungeon technology and dungeon creatures should be used to everything that's under the surface right? Wood IMO should be used very rarely, much more different kind of metals, stones, minerals. Wood-based items could be used after technology of humans would be known and than put to use in dungeons.

[Image: 4190-low-poly-dungeon-table.jpg]

Chains and steel wheels, steel or rock tables, that's a nice presentation of dungeon life:

[Image: 5e9a3bccc28e5195ef3268922c2e8dbd.jpg]

Weapons made from steel and minerals, maybe even magic minerals (remember my managnatite idea? :v)

[Image: One-iron-and-two-bronze-Jian-swords.jpg?itok=ZwqgdjUO]

[Image: d81e8ecfe8d98d29cbcba9e48fcd35a5.jpg]

But even some of these weapons were first made of wood and stone to metal we can use variety of different other weapons, they don;t need to be axes, maxes or swords, but other type of weapons we could image, made out of underground resources. That would be awesome if we could get a big new way of making things possessing surface technologies as well as maybe in the future when playing as humans technology of dungeons.

Also creatures are now eating bread which is very human idea.
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