Solved, but need confirmation 0.11.16 - Performance drop during massive battles
(08-12-2017, 10:09 AM)lemonrev Wrote: 11.16 i am not sure if you can pick it up or not but its slowing down during massive battles.

i get down to about 9 frames or even lower but the game will still play.
About the FPS going down for you lemonrev, do you have a save game just before such a big battle? I try to reproduce this but even if I throw 100 enemies against 100 allies I only get a drop on 4-5 fps which I would say is understandable.
I've made a little performance boost so it is possible that this issue has been fixed with the next version Wink
So let me know if it hasn't.
Dwelvers v0.11.19 has now been released. This bug is solved but need confirmation Smile

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