Dwelvers Journal 2018.01.07 - Dwelvers 0.11.18 is now released
Hmm you said that creature-specific equipping is not used that much, but why couldn't it just stay there? I rarely use this option, true, however when I have only few very good weapons or bone armours I rather want to give them to the strongest or those who are most healthy.

Actually I have an idea how to make it still available without having need to use creature menu:
What if we could choose to which kind of creatures first could go weapons and armours (like we can sort music or videos on playlists)? I mean there could be a list that contains "random" "strongest", "weakest" ... "Impanzees", "Orcs" ... "Squad number 1", "Squad number 2" ... - in which to last ones we could just add specific creature from certain squad (if of course any squad has been made earlier). These options are movable and prioritized on list from highest to lowest place, so in order like:
Squad number 3
Squad number 1
Squad number 5

the highest equipping priority would have creatures from squad number 1 and to them would go for example Bone Armours, than if creatures from squad 1 doesn't have any more room for that armour than Bone Armours goes to creatures in squads number 3, number 5 than to Impanzees, than the strongest that aren't assigned to those squads or are Impanzees.

So if we would like to equip only 3 different and good creatures with certain weapon (or that legendary armour Big Grin) we could just add them to one squad by just simply going to resource bar, clicking on certain weapon or armour, than on it's equipping priority list and make some moves on that priority list.
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