Dwelvers Journal 2018.01.07 - Dwelvers 0.11.18 is now released
Sebt, I like your idea's very much, from what i have read here, But i honestly think instead of trying to reform the game, Let the game mature, I can see the benefit of having auto things happen in game like how your people go to eat food for example, you don't control that but it could be a mini game that would make life hard as hell to do.

But having the way things are given to creatures i quite like as i get to choose what creatures get what equipment, Its not a well known feature to say new people as people would have to discover this option but once you do its just a matter of getting players to understand how the UI works with the game.

Saying that, Making creatures have an auto pick of armors and whatnot it would not be an auto pick it would just be like set in stone once that item had been made....

Would you like creatures to run around with no weapon till that weapon had been made then an a weapon be assigned to a creature in your pack, Would the game play better or worse ?. Anyways.

Always love ideas for this game but I like what Rasmus has on his list of things to do, I think once he can get those done the game would be more complete, However i see each game in Dwelvers a game with in it self. But that's just how i like to play the game.

The plan to stay alive as long as possible lol. Until the game changes at least Tongue

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