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Dwelvers Journal 2018.01.07 - Dwelvers 0.11.18 is now released
The idea is still about  to auto-equip weapons and armours, but rather to specific group of creatures not to random ones.
Currently if there is no more certain type of weapon in the storage that is assigned to creature's 1st slot, than that creature go for a weapon from 2nd slot, than if there's no weapon assigned to creature's 2nd slot it take a weapon assigned to it's 3rd slot. If we would implement priority-list equip system it would still follow this rule, it won't interrupt with it.

My idea was just to set who will get what weapon first, not to make them available only for chosen groups. Let's say you made that Bone Armour need to go for Fishmen and Orcs and you set Bone Armour on their 1st slot for all Orcs and Fishmen. Than you go to Bone Armour priority list and choose Orcs, so Orcs will be the first to get Bone Armours, than if you choose nothing beside Orcs than the rest Bone Armours will be randomly assigned to other than Orcs creatures - so in this case Fishmen. If there's lack of Bone Armours than you need to make more of them otherwise creatures will take a piece of armour that's assigned to their 2nd slot, they won't "run around with no weapon" so.

I think too much micromanagement may kill the game, but what else to do if I really want to make some creatures more unique, make a squad of death by equipping them specific type of armour or weapon, so this way I could send less creatures, but stronger and left others to keep my production chain going? You also don't need to use all possible features in the game, however having heavily equipped and specialized squads may decide whether you win or lose, it would give so much different approaches to win the game. We discussed long time ago even about weapons that would suit more or less specific type of creature, so for example Orc would get some small bonus wielding an axe (and I'm not quite sure if that's already implemented?). Anyway it's just about to make equipping more unique and specialized than just to have tiers of weapons, but I don't know what will we finally have in Dwelvers, currently game have implemented some features, but there are many placeholders too early, but that's understandable - it's too early to decide how to balance them, it's something for later stage of development.
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