Feedback/Modification Room Mechanic - At least 1 cart guaranteed for 1 type of trade
I've got a situation where I wanted to sell beer, bread and stone and buy wood. Having 2000 stone and setting to sell "sell if >=70 of stone" makes ALL my carts on the map filled with order to trade stone for gold. Other orders are not taken into consideration by game it seems (except always one cart that is set with different order).

Here's a safe file

Could we make that game is counting orders in ratio of carts needed to trade all resources, but always left 1 if ratio of one or more items are overwhelming number? So having 8 cart I would like to have at least:
- 1 cart for beers for gold,
- 1 with breads for gold,
- 1 with gold for wood,
- and the rest can have stones for gold.

This would help not halting any production chain that depends on traded resource(s).

EDIT: It seems that after filling up loading dock for trade, when finished game choose randomly the next trade type to be set for that "loadingdock" (there's a typo in it's name in the game BTW), so I had once bread for gold two times at once finally later, but I rather want to keep trades in ratio than randomly, it could destabilize production chains depended on traded resources. It's even impossible to adjust trade types per loading dock by micromanaging their number because it goes random.
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I really need to spend some time with the new trading system...

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