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Not solved yet - Imps status changes to Idle at random even if there are many tasks to do
Something weird is happening with Imps when a task is done, instead of going to do next task they just go Idle and when they change status to Idle they go to some place, even far away from their previous task location and when they reach that point they change their status to do next task.

Here in this save file (game speed is set to x0) when you choose to open creature menu of any Imp you can see that after finishing one rock wall Imp changes it's status to Idle and goes than to somewhere, random empty tile, even if all it's needs are "on green". I don't know if both issues are related to each other, so I placed that here with original post before edit.

Interesting is that going to Idle status doesn't happen every time, sometimes Imp is choosing to Fetch Item or do any other task, but the amount of "breaks" they take in short time should be reported to some evil bureau or something. Sleepy
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Thank you Smile
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Not sure I would call this a bug, more like an AI improvement. The reason for the breaks are that the imps can't check every frame if there are a job available, it would be to demanding for the CPU. I will give this issue some thought. If there are an easy way to thread the job assignments to the workers things would get a lot smoother.

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