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Localization Translation
Hi all, I've been working on Dwelvers in silence and will be making some new updates very soon.
In the meantime I have uploaded a new english translation file.
It's a lot of new words, I know. But we are getting really close to the final version and it shouldn't be that much more after this.

Thank you all for all your help Big Grin
Excellent news! I'm going to download it and continue my work Smile
Thank you so much Big Grin
I think I have some time this weekend to review.
Awesome, thank you Mello!
Mello, do you think you have some time to look over the campaign subtitle texts? Give them your unique flavour so to speak Smile
Hello everyone! Haven't been around here for some time. I will take a look at the new files. Big Grin
Finished with my work for the time and managed to update the majority of my translation. Only campaign remains, and maybe some adjustments. If nothing unexpected happens, I'll complete it by Wednesday. Two things to mention before I'm ready to submit my file:
1) Where did the map editor go? I see there are some changes in its localization as well and can't find it anywhere to test them live.
2) The Co-Executive Producers line (151 in xml file) has no influence over what is shown in-game. Screencap included:
[Image: 4mNVnK4.jpg]
All right, nailed the co-producers one. My N++ managed to miss the changed string name. Still, a couple of things remain.
These lines seem to be hardcoded:
  • Creature types in the bottom bar. Their headlines are translated properly, but aren't used there. Not only piggehs are affected, but all the creatures I could find.
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  • "Building requirements" and "Building" in the tooltip. There is no line for "Building requirements" at all in the localization file, and no "Building" as a noun (only verbs).
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And I think the localization file at GitHub is pretty outdated as well. At least, line 9 "new_creative_game" has rev=2 there and rev=3 in Steam.
Awesome! I'll fix the issues you pointed out! Thank you Smile

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