Dwelvers Journal 2018.02.09 - Dwelvers v0.12.0.0 released
(15-02-2018, 11:47 PM)Sebt Wrote: Uhh, watch where you move your chair in the office. The floor may be connected to pressure pad I made which is connected to cannons that would shot flappies at you! Big Grin

Haha, well if that don't motivates me then I don't know what does Tongue

(15-02-2018, 10:04 PM)Rasmus Wrote: Sure thing, when I finish translation I'll try also to mark which texts exactly are not used any more or should have their names changed etc.

Awesome Big Grin But no worries, I know there are some texts in the xml that aren't used that I plan to remove, but I can't remove it right now because the game still thinks it needs it. But it would help if you found them all, then it would be easier for me to clean up the game code.

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