Localization Unused texts no and suggestions for changing some of them in v.12.0.0
I made a list of texts that were used to use in game or that could be changed to other. These are:

1. A Barrel and Grate Storage used to serve as storage room in DM's room. Bar Chairs are no longer needed to be build by player, but are assigned to a table automatically:
<translation id="dark_mother_room_barrel_headline"   value="Barrel"/>
<translation id="dark_mother_room_barrel"   value="A barrel used for storage in the Dark Mother room."/>
<translation id="dark_mother_room_grate_storage_headline"   value="Grate Storage"/>
<translation id="dark_mother_room_grate_storage"   value=""/>
<translation id="bar_room_chair_headline"       value="Bar Chair"/>
<translation id="bar_room_chair"           value="A place for your minions to sit down for a meal and some ale."/>

2. It's just tree, but what if it could be renamed to Deciduous Tree in contrary to Pine Tree?
<translation id="tree_headline"   value="Tree"/>

3. These message no longer appears in the game, however they could display itself on a tooltip when player is getting a message of slow production and hover mouse over that message:
<namespace id = "game_messages">
<translation id = "iron_smelter_no_production_headline" value = "Steel Smelter - Slow Production"/>
<translation id = "iron_smelter_no_production" value = "Your steel ingot production is getting slow. To produce steel ingot you need coal and iron delivered to the steel smelter."/>
<translation id = "mill_no_production_headline" value = "Mill - Slow Production"/>
<translation id = "mill_no_production" value = "Your flour production is getting slow. To produce flour you need to grind antroots. Check your antroot production in the farmland."/>
<translation id = "farm_land_no_production_headline" value = "Farm Land - Slow Production"/>
<translation id = "farm_land_no_production" value = "Your antroot production is getting slow. The antroots in your farmland need water to grow so make sure that you have a well nearby that your workers can fetch water from. Depending on the size of your farm, you may need more than one."/>
<translation id = "bewing_vat_no_production_headline" value = "Brewing Vat - Slow Production"/>
<translation id = "bewing_vat_no_production" value = "Your beer production is getting slow. To brew beer you need water and antroots delivered to the brewing vat."/>
<translation id = "baking_table_no_production_headline" value = "Baking Table - Slow Production"/>
<translation id = "baking_table_no_production" value = "Your bread production is getting slow. To bake bread you need water and flour delivered to the baking table, and have wood available to get the oven burning."/>
<translation id = "barbeque_no_production_headline" value = "Barbecue - Slow Production"/>
<translation id = "barbeque_no_production" value = "Your barbecue production is getting slow. To barbecue you need fish or mice, and wood to be delivered to the barbecue."/>

4. "iron_smelter" could be renamed to "steel_smelter", because the product of this device is a Steel Ingot:
<translation id = "iron_smelter_no_production_headline" value = "Steel Smelter - Slow Production"/>
<translation id = "iron_smelter_no_production" value = "Your steel ingot production is getting slow. To produce steel ingot you need coal and iron delivered to the steel smelter."/>
<translation id="metalworks_room_iron_smelter_headline"   value="Steel Smelter"/>
<translation id="metalworks_room_iron_smelter"   value="Produces steel ingots from coal and iron ore."/>
<!-- Also Iron (iron_) could be renamed to Iron Ore (iron_ore) -->
<translation id = "iron_headline" value = "Iron"/>
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