Feedback/Modification I & S - Game difficulty & unit spawning from portals as option, not game mode
What if wave spawning from portals could be an option instead of game mode?

When you so enter the Sandbox Mode you'll immediately see level settings instead of screen where you pick game difficulty. One of the option to mark or unmark in bracket (like now we can enable or disable plain level) in which we could set if we want to have enemies spawning from portals or not. This way we could also adjust:
- minimum and maximum level of creatures who are spawned randomly on the map,
- minimum and maximum level of creatures who will be spawning from portals - so we could have first waves of enemies even with 10th lvl Big Grin;
- We could also adjust amount of starting resources from low to high.

This way the game difficulty could depend on player's custom settings. In campaign however we could still have difficulty levels - so like in Warcraft 3 campaign - higher level means more units are spawned by AI, stronger, you get lower starting resources - if this is of course written in scripts related to game difficulty like: if difficulty="high" than do this or that action. Creating levels IMO could be even more elastic this way.

Also if someone would like to do a map without having waves of enemies spawning from portals that setting could allow to do that. What do you think?
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