Feedback/Modification I & S - Solution for text going out of it's brackets
I noticed that text goes a little bit off the brackets for some menus or messages, especially if it comes to translated ones, so for example:

Resource Bar - Trade Menu

[Image: 9hm0w8.jpg]

For English localization changing from "buy if less than x" to "buy if < x" would be enough, just replaced:

413 <translation id = "trading_current_buy_if" value = "Buy if less than %s1"/>
414 <translation id = "trading_current_sell_if" value = "Sell if more than %s1"/>


413 <translation id = "trading_current_buy_if" value = "Buy if &lt; %s1"/>
414 <translation id = "trading_current_sell_if" value = "Sell if &gt; %s1"/>

and everything fits now.

HOWEVER - for other languages it might not be enough, at least for my language the text goes off the bracket for each item. It affects "No trade", "Buy if..." and "Sell if..."

Terrain Info - Tiles to dig

For digging rock info markings these "--" do not fit with the text I translated:

[Image: og9nw3.jpg]

Creature Menu - Bars

In English localization names for bars were shortened, but it may be difficult to do in other languages as you can see like here:

[Image: mbmu54.jpg]

What if we could replace texts in bars for icons? For "selling/buying if..." we could just used arrows colour-coded like this: buying on red and selling on green. To know which mean what hovering over resource will show what it's being done with it (sell or buy).

Room for objectives text and bottom bar

Something makes that if text is long enough is instead to be in the centre is aligned to the left.
Also could we have an self-adjusting objectives window, so it could be in the size of written text there? As you can see below sometimes a long text could not fit into the objective window:

[Image: x3wtas.jpg]

EDIT: The same can happen to objective yellow headline text, I mean it can go overspan.

Here you can see the text is going too wide to fit in the message bracket:

[Image: wwjbk7.jpg]

I wonder it for some texts there could be some bracket self-expanding mechanism? As well for messages maybe just removing borders could fix the problem or at least game could automatically cut the message if it goes off the bracket and leave "..." at the end?
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