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Storage Fails
So after a very long session, I am noticing that storage is still an issue/broken.

1400+ Bread 400+ roasted mice, 800+ beer stored but have an empty bar room. Creatures are all hungry/thirsty because nothing is being stocked in the bar. Building more storage room seems to fix this temporarily, but it takes a long time for the imps to figure out how to move it all around.

Why can't the different rooms act as storage for their own needs? It seems that right now, in bread production, for instance:

1. water is taken from a well to storage.
2. Water is pulled from storage to the farm and antroots are grown.
3. Antroots are taken to storage then pulled out to the mill.
4. Mice are taken from the traps to storage, then pulled out to the mill.
5. Flour is pulled from the mill and put in storage
6. Flour is taken out of storage along with wood (or is it coal?) to the baking table.
7. Bread is made then taken to storage.
8. Bread is taken from storage, then moved to the bar room flag.
9. Bread is taken from the room flag and put on the table to be eaten.

Why does everything need to pass through storage? Why does everything need to pass through a room flag? Can't items be taken on a direct route from the device that produces them to the device where they are needed? i.e. well to farm. farm to mill. Trap to mill. mill to baking table. Baking table to bar room table. etc.
Check if your Bar Room is connected (chain icon from radial menu) to a Storage Room(s) in which food products are stored.

About what you've pointed out I agree and even proposed a solution in thread Replace room flags & need for storages with Room Storage / Reception, so from there any production items could be directly transported to a room that needs that product to produce other products lol (for example Fishman catches a fish or few and move them directly into Cookery Room).
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