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My New Idea Organized Chaos
Been playing quite a bit lately and I sat down and put together a list of ideas to organize and simplify a lot of what is the chaos of this game.  Just some stuff to think about.

1. Resources

I spend the majority of my time digging up the map looking for crap that I really don't need.  Maybe it's an OCD thing, but I like to clear out all the resources and then re-block the holes before I build rooms somewhere. I think it would be better to be able to generate most of these resources rather than scavenge for them.  Therefore, I suggest the following rooms:

- Quarry room.   A room with some device in it that will bring in stone
- Mine room.   A room with devices to generate coal and iron.
- Tree Farm.  A room to generate wood.

The only resource that really should be out in the map is the (extremely rare) Gold Vein.  Most of your gold should be generated via trade.

I think this would put less focus on map digging and more on exploring and building your dungeon.

2. Food

There should be some sort of upgrade system to make this more efficient.  Well and antroot farm can upgrade to rice or corn (or whatever) with irrigation.  We have pipes for traps, why not for water?  There could be rooms for animal farming also.  Mouse farm instead of trap.  Fish farm.  Chickens... every monster game should have chickens Wink

Room Flags.  These are a blight on food production.  They are inefficient, an eyesore, and limit the room design in your dungeon.  At least the rooms that are used for food production should not have them imo. I can understand needing overflow storage for something like weapon/armor crafting, but why for food?

3. Storage

Right now it seems that every storage room table/shelf has a set number of units it can hold.  Once it fills up, nothing else can go there.  So if you have (not sure actual numbers) lets say a table that holds 500 units.  If you put 500 stone there, you cannot hold any food or anything else.

It would be nice if there were specific storage devices for types of items.  Pantry for food, woodstack for wood, vault for gold, etc.  These storage devices would only hold specific items (or item range).  That way you can reserve space for food or whatever.  The current system breaks a lot.  For some reason it causes production to break down in that items that you have in storage can't be moved to places that need it because of the lack of storage. although, much of the current storage woes could be solved by number 1 and/or 4.

4. Production

It seems like currently that room devices will continue to produce items until storage is full and you get the 'Production is slow' message.  It would be nice if the room devices would stop producing (without warning you that production is slow) if there is an excess of the item in storage.  i.e There really should be no reason for me to hold 1400+ bread in storage.  Have the device stop (or the creature, however it is coded) after a certain point, and then start up again when needed.  I think ideally, you should strive to have nothing in storage.  Your production should be producing exactly what you need.  No more.  No less.

5. Trade

Not sure what we are going for with this system, but let me try and get this straight.  We kill the topworlders and destroy/claim their portals , so that we can trade with them?  Would it not be better lore-wise to have the trade be with other monsters/bad guys like a black market?  I think the items traded should be controlled by the player instead of fixed types based on portals claimed.  I would like to be able to trade what I have excess of, or buy what I need rather than hoping the portal I am attacking is for the correct resource.

These are just my random thoughts that I jot down on my phone notepad while I am playing.  Hope this made some sense.  Thank you for your time.
1. Mines are made to work like rooms you suggested, have you tried them?
You can place them on every kind of resource tile, even gold and extract from it much more gold from that single tile, more than if you would like to dig it out. To not make game too easy they're not infinite, so digging is still an incentive to get more resources. Thanks to Mines I've never troubles to fulfil all needs for my rooms. <end of advertisement lol>

2. I think Rasmus already answered to this here. It's thread made by you. Big Grin I'm still not a fan of upgrades, but maybe in some room mechanics there could be some possibilities just to level up some room device.
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