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My New Idea Overworld Possession, More Dynamic Game World
Greetings! Haven't been here for a while. I bought Dwelvers quite a while ago but keep an eye on it regularly. Good to see things still going forward and maybe it's time to add a suggestion or two.

-There have been several dungeon management sims since Dungeon Keeper, some of them had creature possession and some had overworlds to explore but, never both. Dwelvers have a competitive edge here since it features both possession and a nice overworld in one game, the problem is, this competitive edge is not exploited since the features are still kept apart by not being able to possess creatures on the overworld, it's actually the feature I've been waiting for since day one. Could be a great selling point if added.

-The game world (both under and overworlds) is quite immersive with plenty of activity and environmental creatures around to take into consideration but, one sweep across the world and it's left empty and lifeless. Maybe an origin spawn system can be implemented that generates new creatures over time outside of claimed territory, in order to keep the game world active and populated during longer games.

-The same can be said about the overworld humans, they are a bit too static. Make their attacks more random, make them repair and rebuild buildings the player have destroyed, let them carry out random patrols between campfires around the overworld. Maybe give them a few HQ castles where their troops and workers originate from/are recruited from, which would also give the player central buildings to attack and destroy to put the humans out of action permanently as a means of an end-game.

-I should also mention that doors may have to be scaled up a bit, their height specifically. They currently seem too low compared to creature sizes and other architecture.

Thanks, I hope Dwelvers continue to develop and evolve onwards!

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